Where can I purchase Pek Food meals, How do I order ?

You can reach all of our products through pekfood.com , as well as other e-commerce websites and contracted stores.

I have a food allergy. How do I find out if your products contain of the eight major food allergens?

You can find out if any of the major food allergens are in our products by checking out the additional information section located just below each product page, or you can simply view the packaging itself to be informed about all ingredients within the product.

Does Pek Food make gluten free baked goods?

We’re in the making of adding gluten free options to our product list. Once they are ready, you’ll be able to easily purchase them through our website.

What are the shelf lives of Pek Food products?

You can find the shelf life information of our products within their packages.

How do I cook my Pek Food frozen products?

You can reach the cooking instructions of Pek Food products from the explanations section within each product page on our website or on the packagings itself.

Does Pek Food products include sugar or sweeteners?

Some of our products do include sugar. For detailed information, you may check the contents chart within the packaging itself, or you can check out the additional information section located just below each product page.

Does any of the Pek Food products include synthetic additives or preservatives?

Our products do not contain any synthetic additives or preservatives.

Do you ship outside of Istanbul?

If you’re wishing to purchase our products but live outside of Istanbul, you may reach them within our contracted markets. (İstegelsin Ankara – Bodrum and all Metro markets)

How do I get in touch with Pek Food?

You can reach us regarding all your questions and suggestions through Pekfood.com or our consumer hotline at 444 8 550.

How can I preserve the remaining of the frozen product, if I haven’t consumed it entirely?

After the package is opened, the remaining of the product in the package should be kept in the same storage conditions without being thawed. If thawing occurs, the product should be consumed immediately.

How can I be informed about the nutrients that the products contain?

You can reach the nutrients in the nutrient facts section within our website or on the packages itself.