Where can I purchase Pek Food meals, How do I order ?

Our products can be ordered from the markets and ordering websites we have contracted with. 

How can I find out if your products contain allergens? 

Allergen information is also stated in the ingredients and nutrients section defined for each product on our website. 

Does Pek Food make gluten free goods? 

Only products in our potato category are gluten-free. 

What is the shelf life of Pek Food products? 

Bakery products are kept fresh for 1 year and potatoes for 2 years in a deep freezer at -18 degrees until the expiry date. 

How do I cook my Pek Food frozen products?

You can get information from the preparation recommendation section defined for each product on our website. 

How can I learn the nutrients that the products contain? 

You can find detailed information on the ingredients and nutritional elements defined for each product on our website.

What are the advantages of frozen food? 

The first of the most important advantages of frozen foods; fast freezing technology (IQF technology) is to preserve their nutritive value without additives in the maximum time with minimum loss. Since they are frozen at -40 degrees and stored at -18 degrees, it is not possible for microorganisms in frozen foods to reproduce, resulting in deterioration of products and loss of nutritional values. Today, due to the fact that less time is spent on cooking with the increase in the working population, frozen food saves you time with its ease of preparation without losing its taste.

I have a question that is not answered here. How do I get in touch with Pek Food?

 You can reach us for all your questions and suggestions from Pekfood.com or the consumer hotline at 444 8 550. 

If you’re wishing to purchase our products but live outside of Istanbul, you may reach them within our contracted markets. (İstegelsin Ankara – Bodrum and all Metro markets)

You can reach us regarding all your questions and suggestions through Pekfood.com or our consumer hotline at 444 8 550.

After the package is opened, the remaining of the product in the package should be kept in the same storage conditions without being thawed. If thawing occurs, the product should be consumed immediately.