The quintessential Turkish comfort food, manti is a type of dumpling that has been introduced to Anatolia during the Ottoman Empire when nomadic Mongol horsemen carried a dried version of it with them. Our version of the classic manti features a deliciously chewy, pasta dough that’s rolled out and filled with the highest quality minced beef and spices, then folded and cooked. Our PekFood frozen manti features the thinnest dough possible! Identical to home cooked, our manti is filled with raw minced meat, which is an important quality that differentiates us from other frozen mantis in the market. Coming in three mouth-watering types, this traditional delicacy is served topped with a garlicky yogurt, a melted butter sauce cooked with red peer, and sprinkled with sumac, red pepper, oregano or mint. Keep this delicious frozen dish in your freezer, and devour it whenever your manti craving kicks in!