Cheese Filo Rolls

Our yummy cheese filled filo rolls are just like homemade! Crispy, crunchy filo pastry baked with feta cheese filling! Mouth-watering, easy to make, and packed with great flavor and texture! This might be our favorite snack for last minute guests! Just remove them from the freezer, heat them in the oven, and serve!

Baking Instructions

Place the filo rolls on the unbaked baking tray, without waiting for them to thaw. Lightly rub the whipped egg yolk on it. Bake in the preheated oven for 22-24 minutes in 190 ° C- 200 ° C until the top and bottom of the pies start to turn golden brown. Enjoy!

* Temperatures may vary depending on the type of oven itself.


One of the indispensable tastes of Turkish cuisine and every home: Ezine cheese pie! You won’t believe that this delicious pastry, wrapped in crispy dough and prepared with Ezine cheese, is frozen! Unlike classical frozen pastries, our Ezine cheese pastry, which is prepared to decorate your tables with its rich ingredients, is the easiest way to reach taste and quality! This recipe, which makes you happy while eating, is also perfect for serving to your suddenly arriving guests! All you have to do is take it out of the freezer, throw it in the oven and enjoy! If you wish, you can serve your hot pastries with yoghurt with chopped dill in a small bowl, or with fresh vegetables such as sliced tomatoes, arugula, mint or cress, and greens.

Nutritional Information & Ingredients

Wheat flour, water, olive oil (10%), ezine cheese (8%), curd cheese, vegetable sunflower oil, cheddar cheese, filling developer [vegetable fiber (wheat), modified potato starch, egg white powder], butter, deactivated yeast , salt, parsley, sugar.


Nutrition Facts (per 100 g)
Calories (kj/kcal) 1315 / 315
Fat (g) 19
Saturated Fat 5,9
Carbohydrates (g) 26
Sugars (g) 0,8
Dietary Fiber (g) 0,4
Protein (g) 10
Salt (g) 1,2


Additional information


400 g

Muhafaza Koşulları

-18 ⁰C son tüketim tarihine kadar.

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