Pizza Pepperoni

We brought the perfect Italian pizza to your home with real beef pepperoni!

Baking Instructions

Preheat your oven at 190 °C fan setting. Place your pizza on a baking wire or baking tray without waiting for it to thaw, and bake on the lowest shelf for 12-14 minutes. If you prefer the pizza base to be crispy, you can use the oven wire alternative. Enjoy your meal!

* Degree and cooking time may vary depending on the type of oven.


Who doesn’t like pizza? Especially a hot pizza made freshly at home, fresh out of the oven, can be eaten even when you are full… We have a delicious beef pepperoni pizza garnished with the highest quality ingredients for you! We bet you’ve never had a pepperoni like this! Thin base, special sauce prepared with red and delicious tomatoes unique to Çanakkale, mozzarella cheese… If we add the typical Italian beef pepperoni seasoned with cracked black pepper into the equation, then we have the perfect pizza! That’s exactly what we did at Pek Food Pizza Pepperoni! We cut the pepperoni into thin slices for you and placed it on our base sprinkled with grated mozzarella along with the freshly watered mozzarella slices we had specially produced. You won’t be able to get enough of this thin-bottomed stone-oven pizza, which is appetizing with its color and prepared with beef pepperoni! Making Pizza Pepperoni is really easy and practical! To prepare this pizza, which you will never know is frozen, first take it out of your freezer. Place your pizza on a baking wire or tray without waiting for it to thaw and bake on the lowest shelf for 12-14 minutes. For a crispy pizza base, we recommend only the baking wire. That’s it! Your pizza is ready! The only thing left is to eat with pleasure… 

Nutritional Information & Ingredients

Wheat flour, mozzarella cheese 26% (pasteurized cow milk, salt, cheese culture, rennet), spicy pizza sauce [tomato puree, olive oil, sugar, salt, spice mix (irradiated)], water, beef pepperoni 7% [veal and beef oil, crushed black pepper, salt, spice mix, stabilizer (sodium polyphosphate), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), preservative (sodium nitrite)], rye flour (4%), salt, vegetable sunflower oil, fresh yeast, dough conditioner [wheat flour, emulsifier (datem) antioxidant (ascorbic acid), enzymes (alpha amylase, hemicellulase, lipase, glucose oxidase)], deactivated yeast.


Nutrition Facts (per 100 g)
Calories (kj/kcal) 1069 / 255
Fat (g) 13
Saturated Fat 9,6
Carbohydrates (g) 22
Sugars (g) 2,9
Dietary Fiber (g) 2,2
Protein (g) 13
Salt (g) 1,8


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