A delicacy adored by absolutely everyone : french-fries. Street food embodies the essence of a culture. It upholds traditional practices of a given ethnic hub, and sustains the liveliness of cities. Potentially one of the most popular street foods, french-fries are crazy delicious, crispy delights! It’s time you try out our mouth watering fries! Known for their impeccable taste, and high nutritional value, Agria potatoes are super flavorful potatoes that are perfect for preparing those yummy, crispy french-fries! Before our Pek Food French Fries & Pek Food Crispy French Fries land on your dinner table, they go through many processes in order for them to reach perfect quality and taste! Beginning from the planting of the seed, to the harvest of the potato itself, we are completely included in each phase, and are proud to say that all of our ingredients come directly from our trusted sources. As soon as our potatoes mature, we directly harvest them, without leaving time for them to lose the slightest bit of nutritional value. Once the potatoes are collected, they’re quickly peeled and sliced in precise sizes while still raw. Once the slicing is complete, we apply stringent quality control procedures to identify defects, if there are any. Following this step, we boil and dry our potatoes. But why do we boil them? You might be asking this question! Well, what a difference this technique makes! The secret to crispy french-fries that are packed with flavor comes from briefly poaching them in boiling water. Blanching them in hot water moves the starch from the potato and into the boiling water; which ensures that the fries are cooked all the way through before getting crisped up in the fryer. Then comes the semi-frying procedure! We pre-fry our french-fries before packaging them which allows the potatoes to keep their golden, yellow appearance! The final process – which is the IQF process – is a freezing method that individually freezes each fry in a matter of minutes! With IQF, we’re able to preserve nutritional value to the fullest, while freezing each and every bit equally and rapidly! Last but not least, our french-fries get packaged and await to be devoured! We’re certain there could not be a person who dislikes french-fries! This might be a strong claim, but come on! With a crispy outside, and a soft-fluffy inside, our Pek Food French Fries & Pek Food Crispy French-Fries will give fast-food chains a run for their money! To enjoy our delicious french-fries, all you’ve got to do is remove your fries from the freezer. Preheat your vegetable oil to 180 °C, and without letting them thaw, throw them in your deep fryer and fry them for approximately 3 to 4 minutes, until golden brown! Ta da! Here you have your crispy, crunchy, appetizing french-fries! Bon Appetit! Pek Food Tasty Tips: The secret to perfectly crispy french-fries lies in the amount of vegetable oil you use! For a serving of french fries, add 6 times time amount of vegetable oil! Oh, and not to forget! If you wish to prepare a lighter alternative, you can easily cook your Pek Food French Fries within your pre-heated oven. All you’ve got to do is heat up your oven to 220 °C, and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. Voila!