Pizza Pepperoni

Don’t wait to prepare the perfect Italian pizza! Reminiscent of the great pizzerias of Italy, our frozen pizza pepperoni is here to add delicious quality and practicality into your life!

Baking Instructions

Preheat your oven at 190 ° C at the fan setting. Place your pizza on a hot baking tray without thawing and bake on the middle shelf for 14-16 minutes. Enjoy!

* Degree and cooking time may vary depending on the type of oven. 


Enjoy this fully loaded beef pepperoni and cheese delight! We’ve got an amazing pepperoni pizza that we’re certain you’ll drool over! Topped with the best quality ingredients, our Pizza Pepperoni is absolutely like no other! Thin, Italian crust, blood red Çanakkale tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese… Now that’s what we call the secret formula to perfection! Featuring classic Italian beef pepperoni, seasoned with ground black pepper, our Pek Food Pizza Pepperoni will change your entire outlook on pepperoni pizza. We combined thinly sliced Italian pepperonis with our especially soft and white mozzarella cheese, and created the most amazing pizza. The mouth-watering mozzarella base of this amazing dish is topped with even more sliced mozzarella to create an incredibly delicious pizza. You’re not going to be able to get enough of this appetizing, wood-fired oven baked quality, frozen pizza! Preparing our Pizza Pepperoni is the easiest thing ever! To devour this incredible taste, you have a few simple steps to follow! If you have time, defrost your pizza before throwing it in the oven – for ideal taste. Preheat your oven to 190°C, place your pizza on a hot oven tray, and bake in the medium shelf for approximately 13 to 15 minutes! If you’re super hungry, and you have absolutely no time to wait, forget the defrosting, preheat your oven to 190°C and just directly place your Pizza Pepperoni on a hot oven tray and bake in the medium shelf of your oven for approximately 14 to 16 minutes, and voila! We’re certain that your pizza will disappear in the blink of an eye!

Pek Food Tasty Tips:

Our Pizza Pepperoni already tastes incredible alone but if you wish to prepare a dish that looks even more appetizing, there are a few simple steps you can follow! For added deliciousness, spread a little bit of olive oil over the corners of the pizza or sprinkle thyme or black pepper all over your Pizza Pepperoni! For extra flavor, you may add garlic or red pepper infused olive oil, and serve with handful of arugula on top! Voila! You now have a restaurant quality pizza in your hands! These simple steps we overlook at times are actually key when creating the most appetizing Italian pizza!

Nutritional Information & Ingredients

Wheat flour, mozzarella cheese 26% (pasteurized cow milk, salt, cheese culture, rennet), spicy pizza sauce [tomato puree, olive oil, sugar, salt, spice mix (irradiated)], water, beef sausage 7% [veal and beef oil, crushed black pepper, salt, spice mix, stabilizer (sodium polyphosphate), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), preservative (sodium nitrite)], rye flour (4%), salt, vegetable sunflower oil, fresh yeast, dough conditioner [wheat flour, emulsifier (datem) antioxidant (ascorbic acid), enzymes (alpha amylase, hemicellulase, lipase, glucose oxidase)], deactivated yeast


Nutrition Facts (per 100 g)
Calories (kj/kcal) 1069 / 255
Fat (g) 13
Saturated Fat 9,6
Carbohydrates (g) 22
Sugars (g) 2,9
Dietary Fiber (g) 2,2
Protein (g) 13
Salt (g) 1,8


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