About our State-of-the-art production facility

Established in Tekirdağ, in the year 1998, our company now operates on a 17.000 sqm wide, indoor full automation production facility. With the support of our expert team and a direct, reliable supply of ingredients, our certified facilities manufacture our frozen products to the highest standards of quality, safety and consistency. Our company is amongst the leading food companies in Turkey. We are continuously upgrading our facilities with the latest technology, and expanding our production capacity responding to market demand.

As Pek Food we have obtained the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Certification, which ensures the safety of our products. This certification allows you, our customers to have complete confidence in our products, guaranteeing our rigorous food safety system that takes place within our facility. 

We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified, which is an international standard dedicated to Quality Management Systems. This certification is proof of our ability to consistently provide products that meet customers while meeting regulatory requirements at all costs. As Pek Food, we are an establishment that abides by both local and international legislation, while providing products that meet microbiological, physical, and chemical specifications requested by our customers. It is crucial to us to incorporate healthy and great quality input while producing are frozen goods. Additionally, we’re able to store and dispatch our own products, without requiring the services of second parties. 

As Pek Food, we give utmost importance to humanitarian values. In terms of COVID-19, we’ve taken all necessary precautions. We’re certified by the Turkish Standards Institution, and have obtained the COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate. Additionally, both our mille-feuille dough and our frozen manti has acquired the certificate of conformity to Turkish standard. We have adapted strict hygiene protocols within our production facility. Our facility is regularly disinfected, while our staff strictly maintains personal hygiene regulations. We deeply care for our planet. Therefore, we have reduced our waste hoping that we’ll have a better impact on the natural environment. Your health is our number one concern. Within this framework, we keep our hygiene standards exceptionally high, providing you with safe and clean produce. 

Our baked goods are prepared with a zero-touch policy. Afterwards, our products are flash frozen within a spiral freezer, and packaged. Lastly, our baked goods are stored at -20 C, and dispatched at -18 C.

Our manti with fresh minced meet is prepared with a no touch policy, within a full automation system, and is packaged with a modified atmosphere packaging system which ensures the product to remain fresh throughout its shelf life. As one of the sole manufacturers who owns their own pizza production line in Turkey, Pek Food proves the quality of its technology and its position within the market, alongside its ability to adapt to the use of different kinds of technical infrastructure depending on the needs of producing various kinds of food products. Beginning from the dough and extending out to the topping process, our pizzas too, are produced and flash frozen within a full automation system, with a no touch policy. 

The ingredients we use while preparing our baked goods are truly important to us. As Pek Food we take great pride in our transparency, while intricately choosing each and every ingredient that goes into our products. We have been working with the same trusted suppliers for years, ensuring the safety and quality of our baked goods. Plus, we’re able to provide you with top quality meat products, since we’re the sole frozen food company who owns their own slaughterhouse. Within our production facility, we’re able to shred meat and produce our own minced meat. We’re also able to manufacture our own mille-feuille dough, oven-baked, frozen and pasteurized manti, various kinds of frozen filo rolls, and lastly frozen pizza. 

Working with an innovative approach while keeping our motto The Future of Tradition in mind, as Pek Food we assure you that we will constantly adapt to the best techniques necessary to provide you with the highest quality, trustworthy, continuous and delicious products.