A Deliciously Sweet Mystery : Mille-feuille

May be one of the most coveted desserts in the entire world : mille-feuille. Despite its popularity, we truly don’t know much about this delicious dessert. Mention of the mille-feuille dates back to 1600s France, when gastronomic chronicler François Pierre de la Varenne wrote about it in an early cook book. A century later, Marie-Antoine Carême, world renowned chef to the aristocracy referred to the mille-feuille as an ancient recipe. During that time, this amazing dessert was beautifully named gâteau de mille-feuilles which translates to a cake of a thousand leaves. Also known as Napoleon, it is really uncertain whether or not it is named after France’s 19th-century emperor or the Italian city of Naples. Basically it is not known if the dessert was originally Italian or French! There is even some suggestion that the mille- feuille owes its layered design, though not its ingredients, to the Hungarian caramelized dessert, Szegedinertorte. If you’ve never experienced a mille- feuille before, you’re definitely missing out! An ancient recipe that’s merely impossible to prepare at home, Pek Food’s impeccably prepared pre-cut, frozen mille-feuilles will make your kitchen smell like a gorgeous French patisserie! Be sure to check out our take on this delicious puff pastry that’s extremely hard to prepare from scratch! Flaky, crumbly and creamy all at once, our pre-cut mille-feuilles are perfect for those last minute preparations. This bakery staple’s flavors are simple, yet the texture is absolutely marvelous! Whether you have a guest arriving out of the blue, or you simply want to eat something rich, but aren’t willing to put the time&effort into it, the mille- feuille is your go-to choice! Our deliciously frozen mille-feuilles can easily be combined with a filling of your choice! Whether it be sweet or savory, this tasty French pastry will satisfy your cravings to the fullest!