From Nomads to Sultans : Börek

Börek’s origins are unfortunately not quite certain. Only a few documents have survived from before the mid 12th century, meaning what we know to this day, about börek are quite limited. Despite the lack of information, there are plenty of theories. Ethnographic research suggests that it is more likely to have been invented by the nomadic Turks of Central Asia at some point before the 7th century. Börek was a reflection of the harsh life these herdsmen went through. Cooked on a saj – a flat-iron griddle, suspended over an open fire or placed on hot stones – it required only limited tools which were readily available on the terrain. The butter and cheese were made by themselves from the milk of their own sheep and goats, the parsley grew in the wild plains, and the grains were bought in local markets. It’s quite interesting to dig deep within the cultural connotations behind food. Börek was like a metaphor, a testament to the desire for a more settled existence. This dish was absolutely coveted by the Ottoman Empire, and has spread above and beyond the Ottoman region. The centerpiece of the Sultan’s whole meal was börek – a savory pastry made

from yufka, which is a delicate, filo-like dough, and filled with feta cheese, parsley, chicken, minced meat and, occasionally, a few vegetables, such as potato, spinach, leek or courgette. Delicate yet flavorsome, it was referred to as the culinary epitome of Ottoman culture. But nothing could have been further from the truth. Börek was neither authentically Ottoman, nor metropolitan. For centuries, it had been the food of nomads and wanderers. Cooked over campfires, it had been carried in sacks from China to Spain, and from Italy to the Maghreb. Though it somehow found its way onto the table of Sultans, it was originally a meal that belonged to nomadic tribesmen, men who witnessed migration, conquest and displacement…

This delicious pastry has a really long history behind it. It was adored by people from all around the world, was interpreted by various different cultures, and has remained a favorite dish of each and everyone who gave it a try. Returning

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