The Story Behind Our Logo

While creating Pek Food, we always had one thing in mind : representing the future of tradition. Deeply connected to our cultural heritage, Pek Food is a brand that aims to add a modern touch to delicacies from local cuisines, while always providing you with top quality baked goods. Thanks to the wonderful geography we live in, we’re able to create products that contain the very best ingredients and nutrients. Mesopotamia, the ancient land we call home has always been our biggest inspiration. An abundant geography that keeps on giving, this fertile land has also inspired us when creating our logo. Warm rays of the sun, land, water… The three key elements of life are illustrated harmoniously within our logo. Our brand name Pek lays right below the imagery as a metaphorical touch, expressing the idea that we always will be rooted in the purity of these three elements… As a brand that’s absolutely in love with color, while designing our packagings we’ve used various different colors that mimic the vibrance of the world we live in. As a contrast, our logo remains classically black, portraying our firm stand within a gigantic industry.