Lentil Flour Gourmet Manti

Lentil flour mantı will be a great alternative for those who are looking for healty and distinct taste!

Baking Instructions

Pour 1,5 liters hot water and pinch of salt to a large pan and bring to the boil. Place the manti gently to the boiling water and simmer for about 7- 10 minutes, until they are cooked. Once cooked, drain the water.

Depending on your choice, spoon the yogurt sauce over the manti and drizzle each serving with the hot pepper oil. Enjoy!


Delicious tiny treasures, with spiced ground beef : Lentil Manti. A type of food that we can easily call a labor of love! With its quirky shape that resembles bundles, our frozen mantis are so thin that they melt in your mouth. Filled with the absolute best quality minced beef, our frozen mantis are packed with nutrition! Simply remove them from your freezer without waiting for them to de-frost. Place your mantis gently into the boiling water and simmer for about 7 – 10 minutes, until they are cooked. Top our delicious mantis with garlic yoghurt sauce and spice infused butter for a simply irresistible dish. For another layer of deliciousness add sumac, red pepper flakes, mint or oregano! A quintessentially Turkish dish that must remain in your freezer at all times!

Nutritional Information & Ingredients

Beluga lentil flour (20%), pasteurized egg, ground beef (18%), water, cassava flour, potato flour, onion, olive oil, psyllium husk, xanthan gum, salt, black pepper.


Nutrition Facts (per 100 g)
Calories (kj/kcal) 1196 / 286
Fat (g) 13,1
Saturated Fat 7,8
Carbohydrates (g) 27
Sugars (g) 3,8
Dietary Fiber (g) 6,2
Protein (g) 12
Salt (g) 1,5


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Muhafaza Koşulları

-18 ⁰C son tüketim tarihine kadar.